Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's quote:

"Artists don't get down to work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working."
(Stephen DeStaebler)

I read this today in a book entitled ART AND FEAR.


There is also the work of Jim Magee:



"Everyone makes and has need of making a world other than the one he sees."

(Joseph Joubert)
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Blogger jh said...

i read a long piece about jim magee today sounds like he has no problem crossing back and forth across borders

what a character
i've never been to el paso
but now i think i'd like to go there
just to see the hill

have you been there

are we all marked by the entertainment of adjacent realities
we invent ourselves

people are an amalgam of various degrees of fiction
the facts all get blurry quite quickly actually

my working definition of art
-everyone needs to do something -

what about the art of andy goldworthy
he seems to be rooted in what he sees and desires only to briefly embellish


8:56 PM  
Blogger Asher Jay said...

Today's quote certainly resonates with me. I often find, the onset of restlessness from doing nothing at all, a highly motivating force. However doing nothing has its upside too. Inactive pauses help me marinate in my creative juices and come up with something different. If I don't take pause I'd be stuck in a repetitive rut of 'doing' without much thinking.

11:36 PM  
Blogger jh said...

asher jay
deciding to do nothing
can be a creative act
or a necessary aspect of a larger act
quite honestly it is impossible to do nothing
for to be intent upon doing nothing is to be doing something
perhaps the most imporatant thing

doowahdiddydiddy dumdiddydoo


8:39 PM  
Blogger piper said...

I find that pounding nails into my palms usually gets me writing.

10:42 AM  

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