Sunday, September 20, 2009


i saw the best minds of our society
destroyed by text messaging
car crashes train wrecks
metastasizing devices murdering brain cells
replacing understanding
weapons of destruction of the masses

guns don't kill people improvised explosive messages do

by the roadside in the thoroughfare car
bomb truck bomb bus bomb plane bomb
bomb bomb bomb

inattention is the new concentration
soon we will all be twittering machines
Another catextrophe bites the dust in the wind
where the answers blow

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Blogger jh said...

so the first thing i do is click the photo and it blows up to this colorful screen print and i read


perhaps a play should be developed one where
half the characters are well reasoned thinking people readers of books talkers of ideas that sort of thing
and the other half are people who rely completely
on digitized communication

this poem is a great one
i think i will steal it and place it over on my blog
if your agent has a problem with that
have him text me
no twitter me
no bing me
no call and leave a message on my cell phone


7:45 PM  

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