Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aways Enlarge

Hey John,

Here is the Pascal quote I was trying to recall last time we talked:

"The reason of effects.--Lust and force are the source of all our actions; lust causes voluntary actions, force involuntary ones."

Take my religion, please.

This is theology like Soupy Sales: A Pi in the Face.

Well, that's the way it is . . . these days . . .

Ad infinitum is the new End Of Story

Over-fed is the new hunger

Abject poverty is the new filthy rich

Noise is the new signal

Manic Depression is the new Calm Elation

Betrayal is the new Loyalty (Sarah Palin)

Capitalism is the new socialism (Bank bail-outs)

Infidelity is the new Family Value (Take your pick)

Plagiarism is the new Originality (Every DJ alive)

Destruction is the new Creation

Randomly splashed paint trays are the new exactitude
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Blogger jh said...

hey mpls
i can recognize it
even from shadow of the sculpture

that is a severe statement from pascal

thomas would speak of the passions
as being somewhat neutral
not subject to moral concern until the actions begin then the moral concern begins

the buddhists tend to see all suffering as a result of desire

what pascal means by force and involuntary actions is strange and interesting

in the human domain could it refer to the force exerted by the powerful upon the weak

or is it the energy of the world which keeps us doing things even things against our wills

it seems his notion of Lust is bigger than modern usage

immediate information is the new
deep reading

how to entertain the people saturated with sound and image

i reprinted your previous poem
on de gustibus

apple pickin time


2:55 AM  
Blogger jh said...


3:02 AM  
Blogger jh said...

i just now enlarged
and it is all very clear to me now

kind of an art joke

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


2:46 PM  

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