Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunrise during full moon

Things looked a little strange when I left Jester's
the other night
& a full moon

Or portent of doom?

Lo: a poem spewed forth titled:



after the earthquake
we asked god
why now why here
he sd
he'd get back to us

following the tsunami
we prayed to the sea
be kind be gentle
then came
the cyclone

after the assassination
we called the cops
"Who is calling?" they asked
(we hung up)

after the train wreck
we sent a text message

after the atomic bomb exploded
we thought: what were we thinking?
The Unthinkable, we replied
then we forgot what we were thinking

after the Hollow cost
we asked Jesus on the Cross
Doesn't spring just hang you up the most?

After the chicken got run over
we mused: why did that damn chicken
want to cross the road, anyway?

After we had met the Buddha
on the road
& had killed him
we felt sad
we pondered
why had he been out to get us?

After 13 shots of whiskey

After I dropped dead
a blond-headed reporter
stuck a camera in my face "How does it feel to be dead?"

it feels good I said
grabbed her by both wrists &
pulled her into the void
into that good gentle quiet night
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Blogger jh said...

this is great
poems should make a person laugh
i laughed at this
you fearlessly explore
regions of despair
where few dare to tread
but you have trod and trod and trod

i like the spiritual love theme at the end


10:02 PM  
Blogger Matt Dioguardi said...

Well, on the brighter side ... ahem ... that is on the brighter side ... [cough, cough, sputter] ... what I meant to say was that on the brighter side ... [shrugs] -- okay, so there is not brighter side to this poem, but I digress ... I'll get back to you on this comment.

5:53 PM  

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