Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy Weather

View from Thrill Hill
of the sky above the Helena valley
last Friday

My new word for today:


Someone who must consume everything in the world

The hyper-consumer.

Yesterday's word:


Spreading of the word about Nature as primal teacher


Consciousness is just whatever weather is blowing through a brain on any given day


We are left-handed and right-handed; but, are we left or right eyed?
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Blogger piper said...

Bill! Damn it's been too long and your a grandad.
Geoff Dyer, But Beautiful, great book...haven't read the yoga yet
Summer's still coming on; reading wrath of grapes and a million other books -- amazing how relevant it is to the current situation re: banks, corporations, excess, immigration
good local sounds & sites. someday i'll have to learn to use a camera. maybe i'll learn by watching you. hi to all.

8:39 PM  
Blogger jh said...

i hear django twanging

thrill hill was part of my childhood

what a great shot a great scene to stop to freeze as it were

keep up the only truly good work grampa

living with bergers collected essays
read about the foolishness of picasso today

and piper
geoff dyer writes a little
intro to the volume

cybermoments clashing like
soft atoms in space



8:17 PM  

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