Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Silence Enlarges All

Silence will soon become a commodity
futures in silence will be offered in the marketplace
we will invest in durations of silence
to be cashed in at a later date
we will insure our silence
just like a house
car or life
we will stash our shares of silence
in a silent safety deposit book
our future passport into the anechoic chamber of bliss
this will happen silence will become commodified you know I’m right
then the famous day will arrive
we are ready to cash in our shares
enter a sacred password and:
silence ensues
. . . . . A new lucidity
floods our frontal lobes
Silence creates a spate of instant upon instant fundamental
into the structure of existence
our investment is paying death-defying dividends
free at last we are happier with every breath
when suddenly noiselight sirens beeping alarms
your time is up
My silence is over?
Thread of thought unravels
All remains unrevealed as noise of existence
resumes I must call my broker/priest
Put in an order for another decade of silence
What’s your bid?
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Blogger jh said...

you'd think that i could get some silence in my monastery room but no not even there because the bauhaus geniuses decided that a building is a machine for living i wish i would have thought of this before i joined up
at night i lay in my bed and i hear the groan and whirring of the ventilation system

i could use some silence
in texas now
music for a wedding

on we go for ever into the silence
engulfs us
the din of humanity will stop soon
it must
or maybe not
it may just get noisier
before it gets quiet

maybe they should have silence tests for kids in school
every year or so have them deal with silence as a test and grade them and fine them if they don't make the silence grade

when the rapture comes i'd like to be left behind just to see if things quiet down a little

thanks for this precious reflection
on human desolation


11:20 PM  
Blogger piper said...

Bill -
I envision your blog remaining white for a spell now. And jh, what a great line -- when the rapture comes I'd like to be left behind/just to see if things quiet down...

10:53 AM  

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