Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the Future

It's 9/11


then things calm down

for the Apocalypse

when 666

parties down

like it's 1999
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Blogger jh said...

i think the blow up affect
when i klik on the pikchur
is the best part the colors expand in the eyeball
and a full panorama of dry paint becomes apparent

sometimes when i gaze into the world from out of my safe monastic cell
i see and feel a very screwed up world but then it is a pretty great place too for instance i stopped in a restaurant for breakfast in south dakotah and was talking with the waitress adn we talked of music and then i said well i play music would you like to hear some live i have my guitar she said sure so i sat and played for an hour and she just sighed and smiled
so i believe another form of invasion is possible
i'm doing peaceful musical invasions
out of the lights
behind the fanfare
way off stage
guitar songs from the empty lot

maybe why2kay
was a wash
maybe it happens now
maybe it is more like
slow decay than cataclysm

it seems amazing to me that 6.5 billion people are maintaining some form of common life on the planet even if in some sectors it is inimical

maybe i'll blog today
i don't know
i'm experiencing some cognitice
bogging down
like a broken cog in a wheel
like a three legged dog in a forgotten town
like an old river log jam

i'm picking apples

work up a smile at the
dark descending cloud

peace pal


7:07 AM  

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