Saturday, February 10, 2007

Prince @ the Super Bowl.

Yes, Prince's halftime show
was, to quote Rolling Stone magazine
the best Super Bowl halftime show of all time.

But what does that mean?

Like saying you've just eaten the greatest
chicken-fried steak in history?

For some reason, Prince referenced "All Along the Watchtower"
during his medley. Perhaps only to suggest that
he is of equal stature in American rock music to J. H.?

Hmmm. Hardly. And then he capped his set with
"Purple Rain." A forgettable ditty that is a major contribution
to popular music in no one's mind except Prince's.


I'm moving a lot of books and boxes of books and boxes of boxes of boxes of books within books.

This is an ad from a 1971 Rolling Stone magazine. I found a stack of old Rolling Stones on a shelf in a closet. The BIG MOVE continues. Meanwhile . . .

Prince is no Hendrix but he is a really good musician and his half-time show was easily the best ever halftime concert.


If Hendrix were alive would he do a Super Bowl halftime show?


Perhaps a duet with Mama Cass.
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Blogger john hanson said...

where prince is fast and slick and can definitely call on the funk feel
hendrix was deep and grueling some would say scarey
for his time he was
and he hooked people in because
of an outrageous sincerity
at heart he was a blues master
who wanted to get back to something
sort of deep and real
the needle took another man

whereas prince
lets face it
he's into his act

personally i think janet jackson
was better
tits an all

i would imagine that prince would be great
at certain sort of party
in the city

but the little guy from minneapolis
looks like a midget
compared to the
cool and aloof overworked giant
from seattle

another glaring example of
the society of the spectacle
a lackluster football game
somewhat outdone
by an overhyped stage performance

the cameras could've done more
to focus in on the gyrating

ah well
you cannot always git what you waaaaant


twangin for jesus


8:37 PM  

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