Sunday, January 07, 2007

Army of darkness . . .

Recruiting efforts reached a new low recently for U.S. military forces when recruitment letters were sent out to approximately 75 soldiers who had already been killed in combat.

Letters of apology have been sent to the families.

Yet, who better to fight an unending war but the undead?

Resting in peace?

Ascending into heaven: Sounds like cutting and running to me.
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Blogger john hanson said...

lately i've been playing a tune by eric bogle

sometimes referred to as
"no man's land"
"the green fields of france"
"private william mcbride"

it is a mournful ballad
about deception
and man's inhumanity
as expressed in
the rationalizations for war

we've permitted the
militarty industrial complex to flourish
and we call it america
and we think it is good
and no amount of good sense
or truth seems to be able to
weigh against it all

now these bastards are
equivocating on the whole
nature of the the mess
as they've done
with some degree of skill
from the begining
they're saying
"it's their war"
now i don't know much about history
but i do seem to recall
that sadaam
had established peace
on the streets
nobody was going to phuq with him
ion effect
did we not start this war
and if we
"hand it over"
it seems to me that
we're doing the worst kind
of human relations
shitting on the floor of
other people's houses
then informing them
of the importance
of cleaning it up

tonite we get to hear the
wisdom from on high
o i can't wait
so much important and serious

the real problem
is dealing with
the disgust factor
amongst the people
he presumes to be defending

8:46 AM  

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