Thursday, January 11, 2007

In cold Helena, it's a thicket of media-murk

Glory Daze

Watching Bush address the world last night I couldn't help wondering
who will win the super bowl?
why do girls go wild?
Who'll stop the rain in Spain?
Where is Ralph Waldo Emerson?

Either I have attention deficit reorder nor am I
Like totally sure I want to watch this latest edition
of American Suicide Mission!

Our president appeared to be a man drained of verve
seemed like some Cormacian wraith wandering
ancient empty streets on the outskirts of Bagdad


I was not reassured . . .

As the kid keeps asking in THE ROAD

We're the good guys, right, dad?


Uh huh.


Blogger john hanson said...


i like that

yeah it's sort of like tag team
championship wrestling

we got rid of a few of their guys
now we're going to send
in another freak
dressed up like an ordinary soldier

i heard an idea recently
i don't know it's origin
but it goes like this

make a deal with iran
let them negotiate for
some sort of peace in iraq
we'll get off your ass
on that nuclear development stuff
we'll watch you
but in return
why don't you send in your
and your soldiers
and be neighborly
in a good way
and maybe in the mean time
engage some of the other neighbors
to bring about some reasonable peace

i personally believe it would be good for
to admit defeat

it is amazing to me that duubbya
can remain appearingly unflappable
like it's just part of being
a leader

his biggest intellectual
distortion is the
ready equating
of democracy and
free market capitalism
as if they are one and the same thing
you know
if people can vote
then they're going to buy shit
they don't need
and the economy will work

i'm at the point of thinking
perhaps we need to
install a tough despot
a guy who will kick ass
on the dissenters
show 'em who is boss
a guy like...

history repeats itself for those
who do not read santayana

10:00 AM  

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