Thursday, January 25, 2007

Death of a bowling alley.

Another classic old building bit the dust today in Helena.

One pin left standing

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Blogger john hanson said...

things collapse
are blown to smithereens
the twin axis points
of the eternal oval
are wrenched assunder
the mediocre cry
the less than mediocre
bitch and moan
and what well groomed beast
singing like a winter bird
slinks to baghdad to
create democracy

i've been there
i've bowled there
i've been drunk there
i've bowled drunk there
now it is a more than distant memory
without even a historical marker
to remind me of the nights i barely remember

we must always question the presuppositions
of progress
progress as a stated ideal
for evidence shows
the advances are wanting
wanting of more substance
wanting of more thought
wanting of something more durable
but who am i to question
the cult of utilitarian
pragmatic asaults on the
messages of reality

i read recently a statement
by heisenberg
i could not believe it
he was making a point about
how physicists are a bit shy about
acknowledging their philosophical
he goes on to say
that what is put forth
as "particles" in nuclear physics
cannot in fact be termed "things"
as a stone or a tree is a thing
but that the description of
a "phenomenon" which is perceived by means of
high powered microscopes
is put forth mathematically
and can be argued as to whether or
not what is observed is indeed
a piece of light or a particle of matter
but...but then he goes on to suggest
that what is needed is a review as to what
we mean by matter
based on what amounts
(in my understanding)
to an immense ontological ambiguity

no werner
you must rediscover the truth of
our senses provide
immediate data
and we recognize things
because we possess
a metaphysical reality
known as the mind
otherwise great painters
could not paint

were we talking of bowling alleys
that no longer exist
except for
in our beleaguered memories


8:13 PM  
Blogger MJwillie said...

bravo, Bill Borneman. Bravo jahn hanson. I too have bowled there drunk, and have drunk there and wondered why bowl or drink. I too have felt remorse at watching the big sky shrink. This is the first time I have ever written in to a blog (blogger?) I love the site. Best wishes and thank you.

10:06 AM  

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