Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blind Idiot Wind in the Willows

I'm tired of death

Tired of funerals

No more spam hangings

Spare me your weekend death tolls


Charles S. Peirce defines a moment of feeling as this: "By a feeling, I mean an instance of that kind of consciousness which involves no analysis, comparison or any process whatsoever, nor consists in whole or in part of any act by which one stretch of consciousness is distinguished from another, which has its own positive quality which consists in nothing else, and which is of itself all that it is, however it may have been brought about; so that if this feeling is present during a lapse of time, it is wholly and equally present at every moment of that time."

A moment of true feeling. Shelter from the storm.


Poets should no more be afraid of Bob Dylan than Charlie Parker should be suspicious of Rilke.



Blogger john hanson said...

my problem with this succinct definition
is in the final few words

i mean

is there not something
like a "growing feeling"

dread which starts in the morning
like bad bird song
by noon is making me nervous
by dusk
i am hell bent on any form
of self destruction
short of well the big no

or the consciousness
of a feeling departing
like love that diminishes
over a period of weeks and months
and lodges in the heart
like a bruise
one always remembers

i felt strange
then because the escaped
felon with a big knife
was right there in my living room
i felt very frightened
but when
my little ten yr old sister
pulled the trigger on dad's
.357 magnum
splattering his brains all over the tv
after the shock that is
when i felt a moment of
complete shock
that was surprise
and then a certain
befuddled relief

two years later i hadn't quite forgotten
but the nightmares had ceased

certain kinds of music
can elicit feelings
sometimes whole
circuses of feelings

feelings are more complex than simple i think

one should never lose sight of
pollock's appreciation
for renoir

9:25 PM  
Blogger john hanson said...

it's a wonder that we still know how to breathe

12:49 PM  

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