Wednesday, January 31, 2007

from THE LOOM, by Robert Kelly

"There is so much
to remember
but less need to--
the fire
does not memorize,
what it burns
is our best archive,
a wonder
of coming back
today to today
o holy now
within the holy
always, always,
und ewig (Mahler's
paradox, to die away
on that word,
to let the last echo
of Sometime
resounding in Notime
be Always, ewig,
ewig, soft Austrian palatal g,
a hush
on Nature falls)."

From Kelly's THE LOOM published in 1975 by Black Sparrow Press.

The fire is our best archive. I've enjoyed that poetic notion for 29 years. And yet, today I sold my copy of THE LOOM. I'd forgotten I had it listed for sale, of course, which is often the case for a book being brought to my attention.

However, I'm not that sad to see the book go. I've never connected deeply with Kelly's writing. And guess who bought it?

Ron Silliman!

It's a microscopic world.


As I write this I'm listening to Paul Bley play the music of Carla Bley. Marc Johnson on bass and Jeff Williams on drums. Endlessly creative stuff. Sinuous jazz winding on into the night.

Similar to Kelly's lines.

Whereas, Silliman's TJANTING, or, KETJAK, would be more like listening to Steve Reich.


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