Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bedrock Books move proceeds.

Geopsychologically speaking

perhaps it's OK

to be leaving the underground

Livestock lair

for the brighter confines of the Rodney Street



Maybe the books have a mind of their own

and are migrating


So much music in the world

yet so few ears

So much time on our hands

yet so few years

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Blogger john hanson said...

for a guy who markets literature
through cyber commerce
i would think it good
to get your hands on all you own
a sort of massive reacquaintance
with the labor of love

i will look forward to visiting
your new den

are you keen to the poet
j v cunningham
i recently have read some things
all but forgotten i suppose

some signs of spring down by the border
lots of border patrol dudes with guns
it's a regular shoot out down here

and the questions must be asked
how can one guy cause so much trouble
with just a few really bad ideas

a president with a legacy of creating problems out of ignorance
and then completely mismanaging
problems out of pride and well stupidity which is just another word for
ignorance george
in case
just in case you needed some clarity

well at least now we know that
the real problem is the iranians
iranium minded iranians
oo so scarey

keep the reading going
it is the souls' medium
to know truth

i have been considering
the kind of knowledge that occurs
while playing music
an insight is gained
not only to the way music works
but often i find
there is an epistemological aspect
which hits more at the core of human
awareness than does deductive reasoning
i am starting to hate the scientists
if they don't read beyond science they must not be trusted

we are where we're at


8:50 PM  
Blogger john hanson said...

perhaps hatred is to strong
if you'll permit me to muse
free form
i have been visiting edge
and while i find some of the articles provocative

the ranting against organized religion seems to me to be
rather vain
and it is a position which seems to be ignorant of it's blindness
and immense gaps in historical philosophy

i would think that if the best scientific intellectuals want to put everything on the table they should at the very least avail themselves of the best and brightest of those whom they pretend to dismiss

and as i have argued before
the very rational deductive reasoning which takes delight in mere facticity
is but one avenue of learning
in its empirical principles the world of science cannot help but be limited
whereas philosophy should be by it's very essence
open to every way of knowing
and somehow critical thereof

it was a fundamental mistake i will state
that the descendants of hobbes descartes kant and hegel
gradually dismissed metaphysics
on the grounds that it is not compatible with factual reasoning
but philosphy if it is to be the human movement to wisdom
must regard all human knowledge
even if it cannot be verified mathematically or through some laboratory methods

to say that what one comes to know by reading and rereading a poem is less meaningful for existence than a scientific theory is preposterous

the world can suffocate from too much reason
especially if everyone is presumed to be in possession of it

if thinking if the act of thought is divorced from the metaphysical definitions worked out by aristotle thomas aquinas and the devotees of the full philosophic heritage
then it is reduced to a mechanical activity
and then it is warped and dangerous
for it is manacled and boxed in
in such away as to retard what is naturally transcedant
for thought will supercede itself

the scientific mind is a cetain sort of temperament
a rather limited few will be truly creative with that sort of knowledge the others
trained in a very rigorous and defined methodology become mere workers technicians
doomed to repeat quasimechanical functions over and over again

i guess that's why some folks think robots are interesting

i don't

the very intent of making a robot is based on what i would call
artificial intelligence
something akin to what bush means when he says intelligence

i've been reading cioran again
man that guy was very very negative
adn relentless
which we have to admire i guess
but something must have happened
to exert a personal intellectual theme to such vehement ends

the humanists of the late 19th century sought to create a socio/psychological culture whereby all human activity in thought would be directed to the perfecting of the human SOUL and this was to be accomplished through the very practical functioning of human reason in all manner of doing and thinking
thus psychology and sociology replaced philosophy and theology

i recently heard a thesis which stated that positivism is but an unruly teenage child of christianity not directly in opposition but just defiant and intent on dismissing the accomplishments of his parents

i have come to think it is a little more serious than that
and what is more disturbing is that it that is positivism has permeated our culture and is reponsible for what is most inane and absurd in everything we see particularly in the mass media
and the inanites of modern education as well

that said
i am going to retire
hope things coem together soon

the american pragmatists are the american offspring of the french positivists and the english utilitarians it all made sense
we suffer from too much reason

perhaps the musicians will blast it all out of the water


8:31 PM  

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