Thursday, December 28, 2006

A remarkable book:

This book landed in my hands by accident. But once I started reading it I couldn't stop.

It's full of names and awe and humble recollections delivered in a friendly voice given to quick vivid
descriptions of the everyday world.

He writes of Noel Stookey (of Peter, Paul, and Mary): "Noel was a comedian and a singer and a guitar player. He worked in a camera store during the day. At night he was dressed in a neat three-piece suit, was immaculately groomed, a little goatee, tall and lanky, Roman nose. Some people might have described him as aloof. Stookey looked like someone torn out of a page of some ancient magazine. He could imitate just about anything--clogged pipes and toilets flushing, steamships and sawmills, traffic, violins and trombones. He could imitate singers imitating other singers. He was very funny. One of his more outrageous imitations was Dean Martin imitating Little Richard."

I would truly love to hear that routine.

Imagine Cher imitating Blondie. Or Perry Como imitating David Bowie. The possibilities are infinite.

Frank Sinatra imitating Bob Dylan.
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Blogger john hanson said...

i hear tell that bobby
is doing live sattelite
stream casts from small town
baseball parks
featuring local folkies

and also doing much to support
victorious secrets

underwear for the true champions

9:24 AM  

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