Monday, December 25, 2006

"God be forever praised . . .

who has granted us eyes to see through the poisonful heart of the basilisk, and see the day of restitution of all whatever Adam lost." (Jacob Boehme, "Signatura Rerum")

Whatever, indeed.

I like Jake because he is polite: "Courteous reader, observe the meaning right: we understand not by this description a beginning of the Deity, but we show you the manifestation of the Deity through nature; for God is without beginning, and has an eternal beginning, and an eternal end, which he is himself, and the nature of the inward world is in the like essence from eternity."

"The Signature of All Things." A good title for a book.

It's a Grande' order.

It takes lots of coffee to read philosophy.


Aphorisms are shots of philespresso.


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