Saturday, December 23, 2006

Only a Firm Belief in Atheism can Restore Our Faith

Music is about making the listeners put their hands to their ears

Poetry attempts to remain unreadable

Visual art tries to arrest the casual viewer

Politics is the power to kill


Innocence is in the blindness of the bystander


Blogger john hanson said...

in the cabala
the highest region of
divine sparking
is known or understood as
en soof
or roughly the equivalent
of the satori stage
of zen

no zen no jew no god no self
no nuthin void mystery beyond
words or comprehension

we would all do well to get there

st thomas advised against musical instruments in church because it would elicit delight and not piety in the faithful

the poem catapults in vectors
nontowards regurgitated
recitations of skyways
and silicon bliss
this taxi will take you
and the horseman cometh
the party may be over
and the poetry does not mean
to be mean
it means to mean
in all it's vapidity
couplets quatrains sonnets
like receipts floating
in the walmart parking lot
with gum broken pens and snot
and dogshit
pithwinder westerly quickrind
siddhartha and the memory
of the soft girl
thank god for rice wine
or at least thank the rice

visual art has assumed a place
of near religious interest
i went to the louvre
it was packed
everyone was just idling by
i mean nobody
stopped to really ponder a picture
except of course the mona lisa
(a transgenderal selfportrait of da vinci???) hell why not
the freak show is the only show in town baby

i went to a church in paris where there were hung in order a series of roualt charcoal pictures
i was awestruck there
his capacity and daring to be primitive and full of faith

politics is the same word as polite
people making the effort to be virtuous and just
the best lack all conviction
the worst are full of shit and they seem to get elected

experience is in the bad breath of the desperate

innocence is maintained with ritalin prozac paxil and the new designer drugs
smile everyone it is a brand new brave new world
with all sort of stranger in it

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