Thursday, May 24, 2007


Icon of doom.

I just finished this memoir by James Young recounting his time as a keyboard player in Nico's band for some tours in the late 80's.

Nico was the forerunner of the spectacular burn-outs of our time.

Dylan, Warhol, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, and others--fell under her spell, and used her for inspiration to further their careers.

Unlike Hendrix, Joplin, and Jim Morrison, Nico actually endured into middle age--but it was not a pretty sight.

She died riding her bicycle on the island of Ibiza.

Her only friend: the end.
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Blogger john hanson said...

she really should have stayed away from a place called the island of

i could use a good femme fatal distraction

i recall
only your name

in the day
i suppose
that was enough

life is tough for everyone

hail nico


6:57 PM  

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