Friday, April 20, 2007

Futilitarians of the world, unite!

On second thought, why bother?

I was reading Gustav Bergmann the other day and came across the word, "futilitarianism." What a great word--which he uses as a synonym for nihilism. The simple placement of an innocent "f" and utilitarian becomes futilitarian. The magical mystery of meaning.


Speaking of mysteries, what could be going on in Alberto Gonzales' "mind?" Obviously he should have resigned rather than undergo the public embarrassment of his "testimony" before the Senate.

Bush, of course, thought he performed splendidly.

What dirty secrets Alberto must be privy to, having been at Bush's side for so long.


John McCain sang "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran." That's witty. Maybe he's working on a really funny quip about the Virginia Tech massacre, too.

So it goes.


Blogger john hanson said...

a milieux
ripe for inanity
where is wisdom

the futilitarian manifesto
"phuq it"

yeah these lead brains
what can they look bakc on
when it's all done
when they're day in the sun is gone
dried blood
ever more devious and zealous
the crudely labelled ones
being posed as our enemies

i caught a few of the
"america at the crossroads"
this week
robert mcneil
at his best
the most coherent
and "fairminded" treatment
of our convoluted state of affairs

we are dying because of a paucity
of wisdom
and there will be no wisdom
without some reference to
a recognition of mind
and something akin to soul
some aspect of the immortal must be ours
to ponder and play in

great posts


10:17 PM  

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