Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where I came across the term:


Understood as an astrological term.

The book is an account of Miller's association with Jaime De Angulo.
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Blogger john hanson said...

what goes around
what comes down
what emerges
what transforms
what redeems
what reconstitutes
what rehashes
what permeates to the last
gasping ion

i know about the argument in the 2nd and 3rd century about whether or not satan could be redeemed
the winning conclusion was "yes"

for what applies to one must apply to all in matters of grace
if god was to redeem one
than by that one all must be redeemed

i suppose one could speak of the new jerusalem
new heaven and new earth

if grace has infused every particle
then what the hell is wrong
with the decaying world

how would apocatastasis work
after everything is
baked black in
radioactive fire

that's the pessimists query today

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