Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paint continues to flow--

and dry.


and fade

and revivify.

Until all is restored

in the original white light

of The One from which all things emanate.
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Blogger john hanson said...

the ONE
the TRUE
the GOOD

these transcendental
qualities disturb us

we can only treat them
in terms of aspiration

oneness can be understood
only by the acknowledgement
of being as a metaphysical principle

paint cracks
there is motion
we know there is motion
i have to admit that things move
modern physics discerns that
the subatomic particles
in solid rock are alive with motion
it is all moving

decay then is a process
of becoming one

if i am but a brush
who then is the painter

incidental tracings
from other intentions

beauty always looks a bit
sounds that way too
appears thatway
disappears that way

if movement
then how

if being then how

am i contingent

what is the sense of perfection

do i tend to my ultimate
stace in being
as a rose
emerges divulges
and dies

ah such is the way
of drying paint

from dust unto dust

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