Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thus Spake Debussy circa 1900

How can we be more succinct than this?

If the notion of "new music" has any meaning at all--this is it.

It takes 600 years to create a musical tradition

and 6 seconds to destroy it.

(3 seconds at most.)

Then we begin


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Blogger jh said...

thus we have virtual silence
thus we have the inability to hear
thus we have white noise
thus we have big trucks backing up
thus we have musical oddity
does anyone listen to stravinsky anymore
does anyone listen to john cage
does anyone understand nick cave

to apply a new randomness to the structuring of sound is a way of change no doubt but is it a state of mind that ignores the importance of the listener

music is used as a form of social hypnosis

people reading novels on 1x1 inch screens

the only preparation for hearing music is silence
if there' is no silence
there will be no music

at the very least i think the composer needs to have a sense of the dance
it is full of sonar and furious fur furries flurries and fir trees
signifying nada

impressionism is one thing
the waltz is another

i will search out a debussy waltz


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