Friday, September 03, 2010

Camel DNA

Riffs on a sentence from Richard Dawkins (UNWEAVING THE RAINBOW)

Camel Dna

Camel DNA has been shaped by the desert
As Starfish genes are carved by waves
Sequenced by sand and salt
Camel DNA tells the ancestral story
blowing in the mindless tunnels
of this ruminant quadruped
Camel DNA speaks in a syntax
sculpted by survival
"Desert" is written in the genes of these Biblical beasts
Camel DNA sings of arid climates
just as Dolphin DNA chants of the sea--
Eagle DNA describes ancient azure
While crickets’ Digital Nada Ascends into heaven:

Goes in one ear of God
& out the other
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Blogger jh said...

i've never seen DNA
and never hope to see it
but i've seen the azure camel
and i can tell you here and now
i'd rather see than be it

11:11 AM  
Blogger jh said...

"i'd rather be than see it"
would pack more punch

10:37 PM  

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