Sunday, September 12, 2010

August Rainbow versus Catholicism

Brought to you via the electrical grid

We had a couple knock-out rainbows this summer of 2010


Yesterday was the anniversary of the

Fall of the Twin Towers


That reminds me,

I saw four guys holding a banner in Women's Park here in Helena


it read

as I drove by

this tribe of four guys holding their banner

they all seemed to be talking at each other at once


I was reminded of that old media form known as television
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Blogger jh said...

ah yes the boxes
with lights and images
on a static electricity screen

i think i miss the late night
displays of
unadulterated static
i miss those most of all

they said something to me

on this day of prodigious fatherhood in the face of
wild unruly youthfulness
it may well be that
august rainbow wins out
once again

tv installation pieces
i guess that's all that's left

chop chop


7:19 PM  

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