Friday, August 13, 2010

View of the Lemhi Valley in Idaho

From the Yearian Cemetery.

The site of Thomas Savage's first novel: THE PASS.

Where 10 years feels like a hundred

Dust and mud are the earth's grudge against godless men


Even a tranquil blue sky harbors a chill

shimmering in the marrow of existence


(It's Georg Trakl in the guise of cowboy poet.)
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Blogger piper said...

Reminds me of a poem i wrote once

Dog Thinks of Trakl

The dark fir, snow, haunted
evening light reminds Dog

of Georg Trakl’s poetry which master

reads aloud now and then, “blackness,

silence and snow” although

it isn’t exactly silent, the car stereo

across the street battering obnoxiously, still

Dog is filled with inexpressible sorrow

and an inexhaustible appetite for young

wine. Out of the darkness and would-be

silence, the companionship of a forest-hemmed

tavern beckons. The young wine, pats

on the head, maybe even a belly scratching.

But the car leaves, and silence does now descend,

and along with it, the “blue grief of evening.”

but cha dinna hear it from me

3:44 PM  
Blogger jh said...

i likes this here poem muchly

do you know the work of
FT Prince
who wrote a whole poem
in the voice/thoughts of the
dog of st rock



autumn winks


12:23 PM  

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