Saturday, August 07, 2010

On Silliman's "School of Quietude"

I find Silliman's term for
the major trend in American poetry
of the past 50 years quite apt.

But haven't most of them retired by now?

Or, gone under ground
in the most literal sense?

Silliman is quite right to question the quiescent
nature of mainstream academic doggerel.

Listen, if you can handle it, to Keillor's "Writer's Almanac"
when he reads the poem of the day.

S. of Q. reigns. Hush. Do not disturb. Yawn, it's late, time to
go gently into that quiet riot of surrealistic sleepscape.
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Blogger jh said...

i keep wondering if there is any relationship between quietism and the school of quietude
i mean
was there ever a school of pulchritude

if silliman is the anthony braxton of the new sentence i'm with him all the way


finally some news
even the new york times blinks in
idiotic wonder

poets gasping

spinning on a planet sustained in part
by intense pharmeceuticals

sunday mass anon
i must acolyte

keepupp the phyte
winds goe to the haphazard



7:57 AM  
Blogger ipoly az said...

Un saludo desde EspaƱa

11:25 AM  

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