Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Philosophy in a Can

Instant thought.

Just add ________________.

Is thought like the formulation of a glacier; or, more light lightning?
Glacial lightning
Aphorisms mock the principles of reason while thriving entirely upon logic.
"Our sensibility is certainly NOT the measure of the beauty of the vast plan of nature."
We can reach through water, through air, and light. Unless the water is too hot; or, turned to ice.
What then of frozen light in the form of a stone? Is matter light at rest? Still light?
Very, very slow light? ("Lighghtghghght.")
Are there beings who can reach through stones
just as we can move through air


Blogger john hanson said...

just add blood

without blood there would be no need for wisdom

blood is the essential ingredient
for wit for naunce

we factor in blood

all of intelligence is an effort to deal with death

when blood will no longer matter

philosophy is a transfusion

you can always get some

but don't be fooled

everybody's got to pay

5:41 PM  

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