Thursday, March 01, 2007

This just in.

" . . . music is a way of manipulating material . . ."

John Zorn


I've been listening to the podcasts of British poet Tom Raworth.


A vast mine of beautiful stuff.
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Blogger john hanson said...

the way the white line
streaks across from left
to right
across the framed arbitrariness
of art
leaves me thinking
ah the frame
now i perceive
thrice removed
but still i recollect
the odor of drying paint
the aftermath of coupling
the kitchen the day after a party
and restaurant alleys

but who can account then
for the sweeps of red
the blotches of off-white
the tan swath contoured
for no real purpose whatsoever
as if it's all rather thoughtless

only in the perceiving do
we verify
i perceive
and i think about my perceptions
i surmise the reality of those thoughts
and i play with the imagination
until i fall asleep
in the warm desert sun

6:13 PM  

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