Monday, March 05, 2007

The perceptible world.

"Let us imagine that the sight of the things that surround us is not familiar, that it is only allowed us as an exception, and that we only obtain by a miracle, knowledge of the day, of human beings, of the heavens, of the sun, and of faces. What would we say about these revelations, and in what terms would we speak of this infinity of wonderfully adjusted data? What would we say of this distinct, complete and solid world, if this world only appeared very occasionally, to cross, to dazzle, and to crush the unstable, incoherent world of the solitary soul?" (Valery)

A notion similar to Emerson's proposition supposing we were only allowed a glimpse of the starry heavens once every few generations.

Valery supposes: What if the entire perceptible world was a rare occurence?


But then, isn't this the case?

We only perceive the random residues of an arbitrary world we will never really know.


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