Sunday, November 26, 2006

Debussy defined the era of noise.

What Are Noisicians?

Circa the turn of the 19th Century Claude Debussy said, "Any sounds in any combination and in any succession are henceforth free to be used in a musical continuity."


This is as simple as it gets


There are no rules


Sequence is open-ended


Time, space, matter, force, gravitation, electricity


We don't call it "composition" any more

Music is weather

Music is the continuum of experience

Music is the arrangement of sound into thought


Blogger john hanson said...

in context one would have to acknowledge that debussey
surely meant within the spectrum of sound known to the musical world
i find it hard to believe that he envisioned something like stravinsky or steve reich
or nirvana
be that as it may
noise since igor has it's place
in the airwaves
at night i listen to an ammonium nitrate plant in the desert which gets crankin at night because all the epa people are asleep then
hard to tell if they care these days anyway
but it is a grind
and a moan and a rumble
and mechanical guttural wheez
and an occasional whistle

everywednesday they do an alarm drill which is supposed to be the sound for people to hear when something goes terribly awry
like an explosion which would be like music i guess
but the alarm is a two tone parrallel affair that rises and falls
i am thinking in terms of irritainment

is there no place for simple beauty any longer

do you know the film

all the mornings of the world


so am i correct to think that a noisician is simply one who
is inclined to arrange any sequence of any sound at any time with no real idea in mind save for the possiblity of making a sound sequence of everything from machines to cell phones to computers to children learning the violin to monks singin to old ladies farting to birds dying

yes that must be it

7:01 PM  
Blogger john hanson said...

music is the sound thoughts make
when they appear in the
immense cavern of the soul

music is the immitation of birds
(olivier messien)

music is an illusion for the ears

music happened without consultation
of the muses
man were they pissed

when we hear music on a recording
we can no more call it music
than we can call a photograph
the reality of what it portrays

are there ever crimes committed with music?

what we call music and what we call love are equally misrepresented and with the same words

man is incapable of hearing music
unless he is willing to listen
for long hours
to silence

music either composes itself
or else it is a rude imposition

music and money:
like forcing motherhood upon a whore

music means well

music is rare

the muses have become bored
and they are in trouble
experimenting with psychotropic

the truth is
we no longer hear music

push all you want on the
boundaries of cognition
if it can't be played in church
it is but a dairy cow

dance forms

even the musicians have forgotten how to hear

excuse me
i think i hear my cell phone

8:11 PM  

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