Saturday, October 14, 2006

Helena Festival of the Book Slam Winner!

Raina J. Leon of Carrboro, North Carolina won this year's slam.


The Helena Festival of the book is officially over.

I went to William Kittredge's reading, from his new novel, THE WILLOW FIELDS, this afternoon at the Myrna Loy Center for the Performing Arts.

Sounded pretty good. I might even try to read it.


Went to SELECTED SHORTS at the Helena Middle School with Karen and David Fisher.

It was better than I expected. Keir Dullea read a story by Sherman Alexie, and his wife read a story by local hero Maile Meloy. Good, quirky, impertinent stories.

Afterwords at the reception I was forced to ask Keir Dullea to utter, "Open the pod bay doors please, HAL." I didn't really want to, but since I had made a big deal about it at Nkd Wrds the week before--someone forced me to make good on my stated intentions.

Keir was very gracious and did a quick rendition. He added that he had recently been asked to recite a different line of dialogue--he gets invited to a lot of sci-fi conferences--something about HAL singing "Daisy." I immediately regretted my mundane request and wished I'd requested a more interesting line from the movie script.


None of this makes any sense unless you know Stanley Kubrick's movie. I wonder how many people in the rather large audience actually knew who the hell Keir Dullea is?

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Blogger john hanson said...

2006 space oddity

i don't know keir
i do know kubrick

have you ever considered
a college without walls

a program designed
for literacy and literacy only
and the development of thought
which leads to literacy

an ongoing thing in helena
where young people
floundering around
could receive guidance
that leads to nothing other than
literacy and intellectual life
maybe as a prep
for "real" college
or university

seems there's enough mind power
in helena
to at least dream about it
think about it

thanks for the book ensuing my way

it's a thankyou ma'am
in a world of spam
and the fleeting cam
watching the blim blim blam
who's gotchya now
who's watchin yo
slow the phuq down
keep to the ground
iam sayin
i aiyn playin
whose dat prayin
when the very stuff of
epistemological order is at stake here baby
you got to be groovin
and got to be movin
for the new world chaos
is knockin at the door
don't care if you're
rich or poor
the pitcher is full
and itz gwan to pour

go tigers


8:57 AM  

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