Saturday, November 25, 2006

Patti with tree friends on the farm near Leaf River.

Taken on Thanksgiving Day. Gloriously warm and splendid. Now I'm back in Helena and the snow is piling up and the temperature is headed toward zero. Posted by Picasa


Blogger john hanson said...

and the ballet with
shadowy trees
against the autumn sky
the stark privation
we know that heralds
a time of snow
adn i would not know
it is patty
unless the photographer told me so
but now that i know
i know i have in my mind
a definite place in my mind
that is patty
a knowledge unsubstantial
save for the verification of being
by which i have cognition
of the not just the
beauty of her person
or the essence of her being
as a woman i know
but the old experience
that calls to mind
a history
unique to me and my life
which from my point of view
would be told by only me
but perchance
speaking to another history
hers or yours
which would corroborate
for the CIA the knowledge
of association by implication
in a more or less
socially explicit way

there are lines we follow
on the planet
that are the songs
only we can sing

6:40 PM  

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