Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Empty Bottle, Chicago

Old school noisicians, Smegma, brought their Portland cement sound to town on Sunday night.

I missed Burning Star Core who was earlier on the bill. Luckily, the Cincinnati chaotic crooner sat in for a "number" with the Smegs, so I was able to get something of an idea of what he's up to. To date, I'd only read about his sonic activities.
I bought a CD and invited him to do a show in Helena.

Oh, and here's a photo of Mr. Jansch from Friday night.
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Blogger john hanson said...

if i am not mistaken
the word smegma
refers to the organic
matter which builds up
and cakes into a sort of
jelly-like mucus substance
in the area of the groin
good name for a band

noisician is a new word for me
i think i know what it is

bert jansch is staying true
and that is good to hear
i first became aware of
mississippi john hurt
listening to a recording of his
back in the oh let's say
the mid seventies

i played a delta country blues
theme for the postlude today
after thanksgivingday mass
i thought what could be more american
peopel said they liked it
some were surprised

i am at a stage now where
all is possible
givn the setting
as long as it is purely acoustic
i can find a moment where it will fit

the desert is trying me some

2:54 PM  

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