Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Noctilucent or Nacreous?

I've been looking for noctilucent clouds lately.

Today I learned they are also called "nacreous."

New high cold distant clouds.


Other questions:

Hiz or Hez?

Who says?


I see Hizbollah as often as Hezbollah, although everybody agrees it means "party of god."


Some party.


Nice god.


I'm just asking.


Who let the gods out?


Blogger john hanson said...

my first reaction was profound chuckle

my second reaction is to comment

and say

how the phuq should i know

all i do know

from the shaking earth
the quivering blood sodden earth

iz they ain't just phuqqin around any more iz they

or iz that ez

now everyone can drink from the
oil shit and blood coktail
swilled down with some
euphrates water


when do we realize en masse
that we are getting phuqqed

when will hamas
agree to tabooli
and falafel
that's enough what more do we need
an olive perhaps

do you suppose some asshole is going to propose that we are losing
this wretched debacle because intelligent thinking people who
were opposed from the beginning
couldn't get behind the effort
they brought the doubt in
and the morale dropped

i wonder if there's enough good will left amongst the gods to play this thing out like a cosmic spilled glass of milk

but i don't know

it has gone to the for end of the ludicrous field as far as i can tell

i saw noctilucent clouds made silver by a half moon
write promises of cool air
across the sky
i do believe


8:54 PM  

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