Sunday, October 08, 2006

Lyric Night @ Nkd Wrds!

Scott Mainwaring, co-founder of Bedrock Books (.com) reads at the last Lyric Night.

This is the night we treat lyrics as poetry. Not just Dylan and Waits but the likes of the Vapors, Guns & Roses and Duran Duran.


This coming Thursday: The Third Annual Poetry Slam! in conjunction with the Helena Festival of the Book. Posted by Picasa


Blogger john hanson said...

time is a river
we practice phenomenology
awaiting the appearance
of something before our perception
of the something we did not know
we were waiting for

i arrived at the understanding of
the openendedness
of phenomenology
that it is an ever unfinished

focussed as i am now
on the problem of phantasms
the problem of the imagination
and what is lodged there
once we have perceived
linked somehow to the anological
the tendency to associate and compare
as the fundamental working
of the mind

thomas argued that phantasms do exist
but only as universals
in that one image
accounts for every other like
once we know horse
the phantasm of horse
is in the mind
we can draw horse
and recognoze horse
because the image
of the essence of horse
exists in the mind

when the lakotah first
saw horses they called
them dogs
before closer inspection revealed
something distinct from what they knew

as for dreaming
the universal may
take on character
of a given individual
but how quickly it fades

i would like to be in on
the book fesitval
sad to be here in the desert
where i scrounge around
a library that is curious
if deficient
as we all inevitably are
happy blogging dude


9:20 AM  

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