Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Morrell Falls near Seeley Lake, Montana

Patti and Jack at the base of the falls.

We did a little tour last week staying in Choteau, Hungry Horse, and Seeley Lake.

In Columbia Falls I found a copy of PHENOMENOLGY OF PERCEPTION, by Merleau-Ponty.

In Big Fork THE IDEA OF PHENOMENOLGY, by Andre De Muralt turned up.

I passed up a book on the later poetry of Wallace Stevens from a Husserlian/Heideggarian perspective in Choteau, figuring I'd pick it up next time I pass through. What are the chances someone else is going to buy it?

I mention these books because I had been reading in Husserl's FORMAL AND TRANSCENDENTAL LOGIC , lately. To clear my head I suppose? So, to discover these two books in remote Montana bookstores seemed serendipitous.

A favorite sentence from Husserl: "Everything is therefore disputed; but in the dispute nothing is clarified."

Sounds like the same old crisis of western civilization again.

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Blogger john hanson said...

what i remember from merlou ponty:
the senses are the cradle where cognition
lies sweetly sleeping

a thomist once commented on the
"transcendental ego" of husserl;

by setting reality aside
and probing into the "I"
one is liable to descend into
a cave
from which a return to light
may well be impossible

when i was but a little boy
my family used to pick huckleberries
near morrell falls
and my mama
would wander off
and find mushrooms

in missoula
i swam fast
i saw the grateful dead only once
i fell in love there
and my broken heart is still grateful
if not dead
and i was close to being shot
in a fumbled drug deal
right after highschool
just think if i had been successful
in any of these experiences

the girl i loved when i was
11 or 12
lives now in columbia falls
and i once visited her there
and the book store on mainstreet
where i bought an old version
of the little prince
in french
i think i gave it to you

nice to be back as your sole

am reading ettienne gilson
topics in medieval philosophy
the epistemological controversy
between clean aristotelianism
and a distorted primciple
of cognition that denies the
existence of enduring images of
being in the mind
from which we can know that we know
a proposition put forth by
william of ockham
of ockham's razor fame
he seemed to think that
god is responbsible for all insight
so we best only study theology
the rest of the stuff can take care of itself

thus disprupting a cohesive and whole system of perception-cognition-intuition reagarding all of human experience put forth by thomas as he embraced aristotle and augustine...and corrected augustine's unfortunate leaning to plato - - well, because that's all he (the bishop of hippo) knew at the time -- until his very later years


i amy be able to access lonely books in need of movement here
as i lurk in the library


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