Monday, January 24, 2011

August Sunlight

Here in January
it is worth considering

a lily from August 2010


"As silent as a mirror is believed
Realities plunge in silence by . . ."

Hart Crane

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Blogger jh said...

i recently went about making sure my father's camera is working
in order to make sure i had to shoot a roll of film
at one point i wanted to take a picture of the snow
the camera would not allow it
there had to be a discernible object
before it would shoot
shoot i thought

is this a smart machine

we're going to limit images to
tangible objects
well snow is tangible
what is the big deal
i suppose it couldn't focus in on anything

well i'm really dismayed with photography now

even this lily gives me no hope

why cannot i take pictures of emptiness

just about anything can happen at any moment
and it generally does

vexations abound

- -
. \

4:17 PM  

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