Saturday, December 18, 2010

6-second collage #

Upon opening the New Yorker today
noticed an uncanny echo of my Virgin Mary post
of a couple days ago.

There's something about a snake
and a pretty girl
I suppose.

I have sampled a small portion of the whole photograph
(2008 by Tina Barney: "Family Commission with Snake")

but the comparison resonates with the whole.

The snake is a free-floating element
with everything else in the picture.

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Blogger jh said...

i am reminded of the photo of natasha kinski
of all the nude photos i ever observed that one stands out
she lying so sweetly with
a boa constrictor wrapped lovingly amongst her limbs

we ride along the delicate ridge of perdition and salvation
slipping as it were
to either side a we go

our lady of guadalupe
speaks tomes
to the souls who find her


9:57 AM  

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