Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Table top Musicians in Concert?

One thing that peeves me about text messaging is
the devaluing of the term


which used to be a touchstone for tangibility--
words put


that was the thrust

not this immediately delete mind"set"

also: text messaging is parasitic on the alphabet
appropriating signs @ whim

always dependent on the host system
but only draining never contributing
to the row row row bustness of the language at large

Text messaging is the anti-christ of the printed word

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Blogger jh said...

wht th hll z wrng witchyoo
cnt U C tis abt Efishensee
nt aboot MEANING
nt aboot txt
wE mk f it wht wE cn
txt r nO txt

ths z th brv nw wrld wEve bn awting

U gno
f wE fllwd yr Q
wE d B wrtng cllgrphy
& tht tks frEver

tchnlgy hlps S 2 B MNDLSS & wE gno lngr nd 2 thnk aboot N E 1 bt r slvs

6 bllyon slfsh txtrs
wht cud B mr byooTfull

erghOnomik cog cgnzhen


2:17 PM  
Blogger Bill Borneman said...

What? Speak English, Sir.

And where is this "cleavage" reference i keep reading about?

4:05 PM  
Blogger jh said...

kirbyO made a big deal
about one of my spontaneouos eruptions regarding economics and the disturbing need for motherhood
something about ashtarte and the new deal
look for salma's sparkly eyes

i like this photo
you can almost hear the little drills
smell the epoxy
see the glint of light
shining in a thousand ballbearings in a can

thanks for this visual string quartet

i am however considering
writing out
"outrage against the image" a treatise which will fly in the face of photagraphy
the infliction of images run amok it is an unconscious thing some demented will keeps churning out photo images of everything and that's all people see anymore
we don't see actual images in our dreams anymore they are all photo or film images
i am serious
i'm getting upset with photography
i feel as if i must explore some unexamined field of christian aesthetics

nothing else doing
twins are up against NL teams
they have the spark and the depth to go all the way
green as green can be here
all of minnesota is heading for the lake
i'm staying put
dealing with my inner humbert humert
picture humbert humbert and jesus sitting down to tea

playing niel y (Z)
'comes a time'

summer is an old song sung around the campfire


6:01 PM  
Blogger Bill Borneman said...

i know what you mean about the photograph . . . i too feel it drains something out of the world. all photos seem equal to me in that, at any instant, everywhere i look, it is the greatest photo in the world, a glance across the desk, out the window, the hills in the distance, the toy on the windowsill in the foreground--yet, a photo does no justice to the simple act of this one instant of vision. death to photography! (i took about 50 pics today--of annika in the garden. but not one of them will do more than insult the lived experience.) well, we are contradictory creatures.

5:22 PM  

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