Monday, June 14, 2010

6 Second Collage from THE CINEMA



Behind the scenes of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKE


a still from IVAN THE TERRIBLE.

The caption for the 1st image reads, "Film production is one of our heavy industries."

As an example of a heavy industry accident, AVATAR could be compared to The Big Spill. But in the society of the spectacle, a giant accident like AVATAR makes billions of dollars rather than costing billions of dollars.

Oh oil-covered film-going pelicans!
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Blogger piper said...

Bill, so glad to have had a chance to visit. Yes, that is my correct e-mable; thanks for the photo. You and Patti have been blessed. Wish we lived closer to be a proper uncle, help out, etc.

Reading Don Carpenter's Hard Rain Falling. First Carpenter novel; friend of Brautigan's; couldn't cure his splanchnic neurasthenia finally. Take care my friend, and hi to Patti and Annika.

7:56 PM  
Blogger jh said...

so by this you mean
we are destined to look at the world
in the way that an oil saturated pelican in the gulf looks at the world

intrigue and nausea appear at the same moment

you know of course that i am an art thief and i have already appropriated o oil covered film going pelicans...the words lie limp in my archives



i think i shall take a picture of my computer screen with a new digital camera in order to preserve the combined images here
and then find a way to flash them on the wall and then proceede to photorealistic painting

i'll just go strum my old guitar


still heavy into john berger's selected essays
read his letters from A to X man that guy is alone
nobody commenting on painting comes close


sum sum sum sum sum sum summertime


7:56 AM  

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