Friday, March 09, 2007

Sally Timms & Jon Langford at the Myrna Loy Center

Last week was busy with Jon Langford in town from Tuesday through Saturday. This photo is from his concluding concert where he presented "The Last Executioner's Song," a multimedia perfomance about murder ballads held together by a sketchy history of Jon and Sally's band The Mekons.
My familiarity with the Mekons was almost nil, but I did have one cassette ("New York", on Roir) which I dug out when I heard he was coming to town.
But still this didn't prepare me for what Langford is up to today in his art and music.


This show, which was commisioned by a Milwaukee arts organisation, is a distillation of the work Jon has been involved with along with activists against the death penalty in Illinois.

It's a spirited, well-crafted show. Lovely and Hell-raising, celestial and down home. That's sputnik in the background, an image from one of Langford's paintings.

Sally Timms, looking like a widow from Deadwood, won everyone's heart with her angelic, yet, fully-embodied voice.

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