Sunday, March 19, 2006

Naked History in Original Words read by Scott Walter

We've been on a history kick at Nkd Wrds. Scott Walter read the first paragraph from a document circa 1900 which refers to land which he now lives on up in Unionville, a little suburb of Helena. The Sourvenir Gold Mining Company was trying to peddle some stock so they put out a flier singing the praises of gold mining as the "Most Pleasing, Profitable and Certain of All the Mining Industries in which Capital can be Employed." Here's the first paragraph:

"Gold mining, in all the various conditions and phases that weave about and are a part of the industry, is the most attractive, profitable and certain mining enterprise in which capital, in combination with intelligent experience, can possibly be employed.
The man who recovers gold from its matrix in the primeval rocks is not one whose work lasts for a day or generation; nor is he a mere exchange agent of commodities but, rather, a creator of practically imperishable wealth, as but a fraction of gold produced is irretrievably lost. Gold is ever being converted from utilitarian purposes to those of art and adornment, but only a small percentage finally passes beyond man's control.
From a purely commercial standpoint no industry is so completely independent of all others; especially is this true in the case of the enterprises where gold bullion is produced directly from the ore, as in free milling and cyanide processes. In enterprises of this character no commercial or financial condition nor panic need affect the active prosecution of operations as, throughout the world, gold bullion is absolute currency, exchangeable for labor, necessary supplies and luxuries at its unchageable value of $20 per ounce."

It may just be gold fever, but it's pretty fucking eloquent. (Sorry, I've watched too many episodes of fucking Deadwood, those cocksuckers!)


Blogger john hanson said...

fucking eloquent indeed. but what about the near 500$ an ounce cash in these days. hell and we can kill off those non-native species of trout too....flush out the streams and after a few years say 20 or so restock them with pure cutthroat. then you'll have some muthuh fukkin flyfishin', by goawd.

pardon me pa...but do i smell gas leakin'?

thanks for the quote....soemtimes enlightenment is like a shit pie in your eye.

11:44 AM  

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