Friday, February 17, 2006

Naked Words audience from Reader's viewpoint.

Well, a certain portion of the possible "listeners."

There wasn't a featured reader so the usual suspects took to the microphone to read, or spout, or spew--Brynn, David, myself, and others . . .

There was a minor scuffle when Emily (green sweatered) in a jesting spirit attempted to boot Dane (thuggish black leather jacket lower left) off the stage. Dane struck out with a jab to his right catching his attacker crisply in the neck.

The incident was quickly over. But have the individuals involved stopped fuming over it in their respective camps? Tune in next week. Perhaps we should develope a competition--Last Poet Standing?

Speaking of next week: Michael Revere has promised to read then. A new long poem.

See you there.Posted by Picasa


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