Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Snow

Not just a great novel my Mishima!

This spring has been bountious with snow

This half-eaten snow frosted doughnut
(of unknown material)
was outside of Bedrock the other afternoon.

"Photography is inherently fragmentary . . ." writes Robert Adams on the last page of a recent book.

At first I thought this was profound. Upon continued reflection it seems platitudinous.

Isn't all art inherently fragmentary? Consciousness is inherently fragmentary.

Baseball is inherently fragmentary. Pitch by pitch.


Photography is inherently unifying.


Blogger Guhn said...

See Please Here

8:36 PM  
Blogger jh said...

how many photographs
on any given day
in the world today??

i saw the remains of a dead crow
in a lake today
it will not be photographed
you'll have to believe me

photography with
a sense of restraint

most days i would think
the photographer
with an eye
would say
nothing to shoot today

homeland security believes in the camera

watch 'em

10:58 PM  
Blogger jh said...

i have a recent problem
with a photographer

a woman with a camera

at the tucson folk festival
she was omnipresent

during my brief moment
of playing slide guitar
into the electric ear
the microphone
she leaned up on the stage
and was clicking and flashing
madly in my face

she was doing something important
in her own mind
no matter that to me
she was the epitome
of worldy nuisance

she possessed a marked
of radiant self-importance

i spent numerous moments
looking at her fat ass
as she stood before me
making her case
for photos of musical performance

it was more important
for her than actually
listening to the music

a serious photographer
is a terribly foolish creature

one must take pictures
with a sense of
existential silliness

it is of less importance
than most anything else

like taking out the garbage
or cooking for
no particular reason

i was aware of intense
feelings of
murderous rage
with her boorish arrogance
which i had to ameliorate
with prayers to jesus

lucky for her

9:17 AM  

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