Saturday, March 01, 2008

Late Dusk March 1st Light 2008

from Bedrock.
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Blogger Malashicage said...

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9:21 PM  
Blogger john hanson said...

what a strange bird
lit up like that
against the twilight

and for your information
yes i have been
singing labor union songs
conjuring up the spirit of
joe hill
frank little
bill brew
and a host of others
worthy of the hard earth songs
of willful labor
with dignity

let there be no doubt
stallwart forboding powers
impose their wrapped up wrinkled and warped
of perfect world order
and we suffer

let the march winds
laden with crystal
whip in their faces

when i click on
to the large focus
the photo of the
helena dusk
takes on a quality not unlike
except for the fact that i have to look at it
from four places
but phenomenism is just that anyway so what
what am i seeing
an image at least thrice removed
from the sensual object
the sight you saw
then once into the camera
then once into the digital conveyor within
the evil contraption known
as the computer
then onto the web
whence it cometh to my screen
and i look at it
and i have cognitive resonance
based on some hardened experience
o let me tell you

i could be walkin the gulch
avoiding spy ware add ware
hard ware stone ware kitchen ware and all the same
remaining wary

i am about structuring a musical
piece that is wrought within the structural forms and rites known as the catholic mass
but i will allow people to discover it on their own
except hey now you know
dont' tell anyone

10:01 PM  

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