Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reading this book . . .

is like receiving mild electrical stimuli

to the brain through the electrodes of prose.

Not harmful at all, trust me.
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Blogger john hanson said...

ok i'm reading this book
it is disturbing me
as if i am not already
someone has exposed the real
terror mongers
to set up the conflict

you folks a la friedman
can terrorize with ideas


we will do it with flesh and blood
and one idea

i am having trouble putting the book down
i am having trouble sleeping
i can't think of anything else

can enough truth
change the minds and
the acts of the
rational shock doctors

can a whistle loud enough be blown

it is brilliant plain writing
perhaps only an eyes wide open woman with a keen mind and a daring heart
could spell this out

thanks for the inspiration
now i have to dig down
10 more ft
to the underground

no electronix allowed

10:53 AM  
Blogger john hanson said...

i've finished the book
sort of refreshing
to come through all that
and end with
some hope for the human spirit

nice to hear
that whole countries
have risen up and basically
phug U

and to milton friedman

it's strange to think this
but i'll say it anyway
the spector of the WWII
was so horrifying
that intellectual jews
and even israel now
could not help but learn from the
efficacy of the nazi agenda

ok then so you apply the same
mechanics without the hatred
and incorporate all that into
capitalist advantage
the belief in a supreme ideology
and wham
you've got the last 50 years
of foreign policy
an exception might be vietnam
but goldwater sure as hell wanted
to use
heavy shock

and while the policy might not have been shock policy
there was plenty of shock to go around

the precedents
seem to be the
final bombing surge in '45
levelling some big german cities
and the atom bomb

enola gay
giving birth to
little boy

when humans are granted the basics
and enough to imagine
something beyond mere survival
they do alright

there must be a way to steal
all the money those
big corporate monsters make

i'm going to look into that

10:44 PM  

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