Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pump up the volume.

Here's the blurbs I've been blogging about.
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Blogger john hanson said...

or i doubt that i will ever own a copy of this little master piece
ignored by most everyone
until yeah
you came along

but i googled the title
and on ubuweb
what ever in hell that is
i was able to read a few of the pages
and i will read them all
when i google again
with my geese friends
who gaggle and google and squak
and honk all night and day
poems to the air and water

thanks for the further adventure
into high low literary
brow browsings

robert brown singer
with elizabeth bares it all
brown undercurtain of shame
and prudence
bobbing for boobs in
a wool blanket of
written scratch

so unlike the preraphaelites
so unlike the post victorians
so unlike the high sounding bards
who left so many behind
like eliot and his like

this bob brown
and his word renown
known only to a few
and it is likeable
like gertrude steinbecks
ample lesbian breasts



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