Monday, January 09, 2006

Kasey's birthday

Kasey Bergum runs the sign-up sheet at Naked Words. If you want to read, you must talk to Kasey. Once you are on the list, she will let you know the order in which you will take the stage.

She is always receptive and congenial in her task as Naked Words reader sequencer.

Once your name is on the list, it is subject to graphic illumination and improvisation according to the artistic whim of Ms. Bergum (and the occasional collaborator).

These sign-up sheets constitute a glyphic history of the reading series over the past few years.

To thumb through them is always delightful. Chance words and names and images meld together into an all-over impression of what happens every Thursday night at this storied institution: Naked Words at Miller's Crossing, co-sponsored by Bedrock Books.


Blogger yellowworm said...

do you know how to contact Kasey Bergum?

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