Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Memoirs? What for? I have nothing to hide."

I read this line today in a little play by German satirist, Kurt Tucholsky.

It's called "Christopher Columbus."

Mostly, it's a dialogue between Amerigo Vespucci and Columbus.

They debate the meaning of history. What is accurate and what is fabrication?

Funny stuff.

George Tenet comes to mind. Donald Rumsfeld. How many pages will his memoir have to be to hide all the hideous truths?


Before the curtain falls, Tuchosky has Columbus say this, re, the new land of america:

"Some day this land will be quiet and peaceful. I see simple, contented people, God's people living on the new soil. Here even the poorest will be respected, and no one will go hungry or be suppressed. This people will open the gates of its treasures and distribute gold to all countries. On the shore of its seas there will be a statue, and the world of Holy Writ will resound from its mouth: 'Come to me, ye who are tired, sore, and heavy laden!' This is the world's paradise."



Blogger john hanson said...

bill moyers is doing his part
to convey something by way of truth
the truth that arises from intelligent discussion

next week he will have another go at the possibility for impeachment of both buch and cheney

pbs friday night
9PM (?)

the thing about the guys running the new world circus is that they are endowed with working amnesia
so convinced are they of their righteous moves
they've no need to remember anything but the good they've done
and why write about that

i am not familiar with tucholsky
sounds interesting

paradise with monsters

2:41 PM  

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